Significant Gas Station Development – New Owners

We were recently contacted by Warren and Brian Johnson who informed us that they have purchased all the shares of Three Mile Properties, Inc. from Gurpreet Singh. They told us that they have altered the plans to be more friendly to the needs of the community and asked to meet. A couple days ago, a small group met with them and learned about their plans.

Old Plan

As a reminder, here is what was previously proposed:


  • 12 Pump Gas Station (6 pump stations, 2 lanes)
  • Convenience Store (3,256 sq ft)
  • 7 Retail Shops (Total: 13,259 sq ft)
  • Signage: 2 Signs
  • Owner/Operator: Would be owned and operated by the same owner of the Eagle Creek Marathon
  • Trees: Most of the existing old growth trees would be removed.

New Plan

Warren and Brian Johnson have around 30 years of experience owning and running gas stations and convenience stores. They want to assure the neighbors that they operate their businesses completely differently. They stated that they live in Avon and Carmel and take pride in their developments. They have significantly scaled back the size of the development. Here is what they are planning to build:

  • 10 Pump Gas Station (5 pump stations, 1 lane)
  • Convenience Store (Approximately 3,200 sq ft)
  • No Retail Shops
  • Signage: 1 Sign at the corner. Exact design TBD.
  • Trees: There will be minimal impact to the existing woods.
  • Brick building
  • Gas Brand: Valero
  • Convenience Store Features: Upscale coffee area, fountain area along with a large cooler, and Hunt Brothers Pizza along with convenience items.
  • Outdoor Seating Area. They are considering adding on a 10ft wide x 30ft long patio on the south side of the building with seating and lighting to better accommodate the many bikers in the area.  (see example photo below).

In addition, they have made the following commitments about the project:

  • Commitment to the city that for at least 2018 through 2023 they will not be open after 12 midnight and will not open before 5 AM. Based on their experience, they plan for their normal operating hours to be open from 6 AM until 10 PM Monday through Saturday and from 8 AM to 9 PM on Sunday (operating hours subject to change based on customer traffic).
  • They are planning to work with the neighbor to the south to come to an agreement on appropriate landscaping between their properties.
  • There will not be any alcohol sales
  • There will not be any additional retail shops
  • Environment Protection: They are planning for a filtration system that will catch any surface runoff and double-walled tanks with leak sensors. The driveway will also be made of concrete instead of asphalt.

Overlay of New Site Plan

Exterior Example

Valero Branding / Store Example

Example of Patio Area


Store Layout

Proposed Building Elevations

Site Plan

Project Status:

  • They are currently working with the city to modify the existing permits.
  • They would like to start construction in the next 30-60 days.

It is important to keep in mind that after 3+ years, the legal process has run its course for preventing a gas station on this piece of property. If this new plan is approved, the new developers will build it. If the city denies their new plan, they will build the currently approved plans. The city seems to be on board with the new changes. It is unlikely that there will be hearings on the new plans as they are requesting to modify a previously approved permit.

We know there have been many strong feelings over the past few years. Simply building a gas station and convenience store does not guarantee customers. It is up to the new owners to earn the trust, support, and customers from the community over time. The neighbors will remain engaged and watchful.

We are appreciative of the initial dialogue and willingness that Warren and Brian have shown to working with and engaging the community. We will keep you updated on the progress and post more information as it becomes available.

Please contact us via with any feedback or questions.