Petition for Transfer to the Indiana Supreme Court

Two courts, the Marion Superior Court and the Indiana Court of Appeals, have disagreed on the legal aspects of the case. Because of the disagreement, we will soon be filing a petition to transfer the case to the Indiana Supreme Court. We believe that this is a necessary step to get legal clarity. The Indiana Supreme Court only hears a limited number of cases each year so there is no guarantee that a transfer would be granted. There is also no timeline for a decision on the transfer – it could come quickly or take many months.

We are continuing to explore additional options to stop this unwanted and unneeded development.


This additional appeal will require more legal funds. If you are interested in contributing, donations can be made two ways:

1. Online. Donations can be made here: (Note: GoFundMe does take a small service fee out of the money donated).

2. By Mail. Checks can be sent to Greater Historic Traders Point: 7103 W. 96th St., Zionsville, IN 46077.