Alcohol Permit Denied!

This morning, the Marion County Alcoholic Beverage Board voted unanimously (4-0) to DENY Three Mile Properties, Inc. the license to sell alcohol at the proposed gas station at 8562 Lafayette Road. This is a huge victory for our neighborhoods and community!

There are so many people who deserve our gratitude and thanks:

  • The members of the Marion County Alcoholic Beverage Board for their thoughtful consideration and favorable vote.
  • City-County Councilor Leroy Robinson and Marion County Assessor Joseph O’Connor for their time and testimony at the hearing.
  • Angela Krahulik and her team at Ice Miller for their awesome work representing the community!
  • The 10 home owner associations in the area who wrote letters of opposition to this permit.
  • The members of the community who came to the hearing and the many who testified.
  • The hundreds and hundreds of neighbors who signed the petition opposing the development and permit.
  • The many neighbors who worked behind the scenes gathering signatures and preparing for the hearing.

Our community came together in an incredible way and we are very fortunate to live in such a special area.

So what’s next? Three Mile Properties, Inc has the right to appeal the decision of the local board to the state alcohol board. Also, we still have the petition for judicial review pending before the Marion County Superior Court on the Improvement Location Permit. We will keep you posted on further developments.