Legislation Introduced to Prevent Alcohol Sales Near Schools

Important legislation (House Bill 1128) was just introduced into the Indiana House of Representatives to increase the protected radius for alcohol sales from 200 feet to 1,000 feet near schools and churches.

This legislation is particularly important to the 86th & Lafayette intersection because the developer plans to sell alcohol and tobacco directly across the street from Fishback Public Academy Elementary School which serves over 500 children. However, we are also aware of other locations across the state that would also benefit from the increased radius (including a similar situation in Greenwood).

The bill has already been assigned to the Public Policy Committee. It is now up to the committee chairman to give the bill a hearing. During the hearing, the public can come and provide testimony on the bill, and Representatives can offer amendments.

Bill Summary: House Bill 1128. Alcoholic beverage permits near schools or churches. Prohibits the alcohol and tobacco commission from issuing, renewing, or transferring an alcoholic beverage permit after June 30, 2016, if a wall of the permit premises is within 1,000 feet from a wall of a school or church. Exempts the following: (1) Premises that were issued a permit under previous law. (2) Certain types of premises, if the school or church does not object to the permit. Makes a stylistic change.

You can view the proposed legislation here:

Take Action!

1. Contact Tom Dermody, Chair of the Public Policy Committee, and ask him to give House Bill 1128 a hearing and state why this is important:
2. Contact Tim Wesco, the bill author, and thank him for introducing House Bill 1128:
3. Contact your representative asking them to support House Bill 1128.
For most in the 86th & Lafayette Road area it is Ed DeLaney:
If you do not know who your state elected officials are, you can find them here: http://iga.in.gov/legislative/2014/legislators/

We will keep you posted as the bill progresses.