IndyStar Letter to the Editor

In response to the recent Indianapolis Star article regarding the proposed gas station at 86th & Lafayette Road, local resident Mike Wigginton wrote the following letter:

A May 22 story in The Indianapolis Star, “Gas station applications flood city to beat deadline,” documents Northwestside neighborhood opposition to a proposed strip mall, gas station and convenience store at 8562 Lafayette Road in Traders Point. In the article, Gurpreet Singh, owner of the proposed strip mall, called neighbors’ objections “baseless” and said he has met every city requirement.

Singh is quoted as saying that “the gas station would be 1,000 feet from the creek.” A close examination of plans for the development posted at indicates that the property is less than 1,000 feet wide and the gas station would likely be located no more than 350 feet from Fishback Creek. Also, Singh said, “I live 2 miles away and I plan to send my 2-year-old daughter to Fishback Creek.” In a subsequent meeting, Singh indicated to concerned residents that he lives in Boone County. The elementary school across the street from the proposed development is in Marion County.

Whether Singh’s comments were purposely misleading or he does not know the correct information certainly raises concerns as he proceeds with the application process.

As of June 3, 726 people have signed a petition opposed to the proposed development, and a legal fund to stop the gas station has raised more than $5,000.

Mike Wigginton, Indianapolis