Gas Station Proposed at 86th & Lafayette Road

Three Mile Properties is planning to bring a Gas Station to the southwest corner of 86th and Lafayette Road in Indianapolis, Indiana.

We ask that our City, the Indianapolis Department of Code Enforcement, Citizens Energy and Three Mile Properties take seriously the surrounding community’s concerns regarding the impact of the proposed gas station.

Environmental Concerns. Fishback Creek runs through the property where the proposed gas station would be located. Fishback Creek feeds directly into nearby Eagle Creek Reservoir, the drinking water source in Central Indiana for over 500,000 homes and businesses. Additionally, many of the neighbors have wells and septic systems, and are concerned about the gas station runoff and the safety of their well water. The majority of this property slopes downhill toward Fishback Creek, and a third of the property is officially in a flood zone.

Proximity to Elementary School. The proposed gas station location is directly across the street from Fishback Creek Public Academy Elementary School serving over 500 young students in grades PK-5.

Public Health. Gas stations bring toxic waste and vapors which even in low concentrations can have significant long-term impacts on the health of their neighbors.

Community Character. Located near the Traders Point Eagle Creek Rural Historic District, the area is known for its quiet residential neighborhoods nestled between farmland and wooded properties. Located near many wonderful natural resources, there is certain rural charm, and the few local businesses reflect these qualities. The addition of a gas station has residents concerned about the community atmosphere as well as property values.

Abundance of Gas Stations. There are over 30 gas stations located within approximately 5 miles of the proposed location.

Public Safety. Lafayette Road is a major route for bicyclists accessing Eagle Creek and nearby country roads; the proposed gas station may increase the risk of accidents and crime.

Because of these concerns, the residents of the Traders Point neighborhoods oppose the addition of this gas station.